Introducing the Italian-made Scenari series, where style meets function. Developed from a desire to create continuous surfaces that flow without interruption, Scenari features four unique designs with painterly depictions of flamingos, watercolour birds, lush jungle scenes and tropical leaves. Using cutting-edge, digital cold-print technology with specialised inks, Scenari boasts all the style, class and luxury of wallpaper with the added strength, sustainability and water-resistance of ceramic.

This innovative printing technique brings walls to life with improved depth, definition and colour, guaranteeing lasting and high-level aesthetic results to make a truly show stopping statement. Cold-printing technology allows deeper and richer colours, specifically bright pinks and deep blacks that are unachievable using traditional print processes. During printing the inks are dried with a high-powered UV light that prevents colours from bleeding into each other to create crystal clear complex designs.

Incorporating four different motifs, each with a varied colour palette, the Scenari series is a breeze to match, easily harmonising with other surfaces and design elements. Restaurants, cafes, retail stores and hotel lobbies are the ideal context for placing Scenari. Clad internal walls to immediately add character and enhance the customer experience with visually spectacular murals and enticingly “grammable” spaces blossoming with exotic flora and foliage.

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