I have lost count of the number of times my clients have said, “I want my walls to be white”. To the designer this is like asking, “how long is a piece of string?”.

Painting a room white can make it feel open, clean, spacious, quiet, or simple, and it’s always the go-to when it comes time for us to paint our interiors. In general, white will make the space look bigger and the ceilings higher.

But there’s more to white paint than you think. For example, tiny variations between white paints can give a vastly different effect to your space, painting a bedroom a soft white can help you relax and wind down for bed.

There are warm whites and cool whites and whether it’s a cool, contemporary vibe, a beachy oasis or a warm traditional look – the correct choice of ‘white’ is essential to compliment the style of your home.

For example, Dulux Lexicon Quarter is a cool white and works beautifully with a modern contrasting charcoal and white colour scheme whilst Dulux Snowy Mountains Quarter creates a ‘coastal’ feel and links the beachy timbers, warm greys and soft whites perfectly. If you are looking to create a warm traditional feel that isn’t too heavy, then Dulux Whisper White is the one for you. It is a light and airy white with warm undertones.

Loved for its ability to transcend trends and enhance any space, whites are able to stand the test of time. Whites offer endless options to complement your décor and your Murphy Homes Design team has the knowledge and expertise to assist you.

Designer Tip (from your Murphy Homes Design Consultant)
‘Paint colours are affected by their surroundings and can appear 15% darker inside your home’