When we hear “Queenslander” in building terms we are quick to picture a traditional high set weatherboard house with a steep pitched roof, large sweeping verandas, ornate balcony handrails and feature staircase at the front.

We still see this style of house every day around Queensland and they will always be a part of our iconic Queensland culture with a lot of these beautiful buildings now heritage listed. This style of housing developed through the early and mid-1800s and was tailored with many design features to suit our warmer climate. This style of house has served its purpose over time, but as we know times change and so do the homes, we live in.

So, what is or what should be the modern-day approach? If you like, what is a Modern Queenslander? Picture this. Large entertaining balconies to give us somewhere to live out the humid summer evenings, somewhere to give us protection during storm season and somewhere to hang our towels after hitting the beach or pool.

Large open plan living spaces with great passive design including highlights and large windows for cooling breezes and oodles of natural light. A comforting space to share time with our close ones.

Sustainable and renewable building materials such as timber framing, rammed earth and reclaimed or natural products. Products that have low embodied energy to create and come from sources such as trees, that are easily renewable and sensitive to our environment.

Buildings that are site sensitive such as correctly orientated houses with roof pitches that block our harsh summer sun while collecting cool breezes. Design that is also sensitive to the natural slope of the ground such as elevated homes on stilts or poles. Combined with the all the above this creates a comfortable, bright, cool and healthy home.

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