The Daniel Morcombe Foundation Home for auction is almost complete. With the generous collaboration of our valued trades and supply partners, we have all but completed the ‘Build it for the Kids’ house set to be auctioned in the not too distant future.

Located in Avid’s Harmony estate in Palmview on the Sunshine Coast with the generosity demonstrated by Avid to accommodate the project on a choice site, along with multiple trades, and suppliers, and various supporting property service partners – we have achieved what will be an excellent home for the lucky owner.

Chasing the highest bidder, the property will be sold, and all profits will go to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation to assist their continued vital service to educate children and young people about how to stay safe in physical and online environments and to support young victims of crime. We support their vision is to create a future where all children and young people are provided with education, protection and support to be safe from abuse and risk of harm.

We will keep you posted as we get closer towards an auction date.