We all know that feeling when you walk into a home and think, “I want this house!”. You look around and wonder what it is that sets this house apart. Is it the furniture? Is the colour of the kitchen? What is it that makes it feel so good?

Well, there is a good chance it is the natural light brightening up the home that holds the appeal.

Natural light is a secret weapon in homes. When we walk into a home which has great natural light we think “Wow, what a wonderful space this is, I am enjoying being in it”, without really realising why. Natural light has positive impacts on our health, wellbeing and productivity. It’s not until you’ve been in a home with little to no natural light and you feel uninspired and miserable that you realise natural light is key.

You can work with natural light to make a room feel light, bright, clean and airy enhancing the appeal. When designing the layout of homes, think about maximising the connectedness of the outdoors and indoors. There is nothing more delicious than sitting on the couch early Saturday morning with a coffee and a bit of winter sun warming your feet.

Along with a well-planned layout, carefully considered doors and windows look and make your home feel larger. Strategically placed windows and doors can be a great way to maximise natural light within your home. They will increase natural ventilation, help with energy efficiency and boost the overall health and comfort that your home offers to you.

  • Fixed or sliding windows located behind kitchen benches or even the kitchen sink connects you to the outdoors and provides beautiful natural light to the kitchen. The kitchen is where there is a lot of action. Family time, homework and entertaining can all happen in the kitchen so having an environment that feels light and healthy is an important asset to a home.
  • Large sliding doors allow natural light to shine into living spaces creating positive energy and well-being. Large panels also open up the space to the outdoors, connecting us to nature and the landscape space.
  • Fixed or awning windows for a little reading nook define a space where you can gaze out into your outdoor area and daydream a little.
  • Mixing your glazing from fixed to louvers in the bathroom give you options for airflow and light. A sunlit bathroom will always feel cleaner. I invariably introduce as many windows as possible, always bearing privacy in mind. I often also introduce skylights – these are great for giving a sense of light, even early in the morning when there is not much light in the sky yet.

    Incorporate natural light into your new home through clever structural planning and smart placement of well thought out windows and doors and you will reap the benefits.

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